Adding color can be tricky.  Particularly with flower colors and availability.  There are so many variables with flowers that adding specific tones is super tricky.  This is the main reason you will see our portfolio covered with white and green flowers. You are guaranteed an abundance of variation and quality being that ordering white flower... you will always get white.


We suggest adding color through a variety of different ways that are guaranteed to be stylish and easy.

1) Fabric: add colorful linens or napkins.  This is where your design can get moody, bright, cheerful and fun. It can go in so many different directions giving you such control of making a unique event

2) Paper: menu, thank you notes, welcome sign etc. Not only can the paper color choices set the tone, but the font of the text can set the atmosphere as well.  Take all these elements into consideration for your day.

3) Candles: taper candles, and pillar candles.  Have to admit I am loving the color tones that we can add with candles.  We are no longer limited by ivory and white candles. Add those tones that are hard to find in flowers through candles.


4) Flowers: stay in a monochromatic color tones. Don't venture to mixing too many tones... Why? Flower colors don't always translate the way we wish... I order hot pink, I might get coral... I have ordered fuchsia and someone translated that to purple. We deal with these type of issues all the time.  Give us a general idea of where you want to be.... Bright tones with orange and hot pink... Muted tones with purples and mauves.  And we will select analogous tones that marry the colors together.