Jamie was such a beautiful bride.  She has a sweet, calm, confident sense about her that is incredibly appealing.  I met her less than a year ago after one of my previous brides referred us.  Which is always such an incredible honor.  Let's think about it for a minute.  Most floral designers are artist creating art through flowers.  We are emotionally attached to every piece of art we create just like any other artist.  And for one of our brides who has seen our art, experienced it and loved it enough to entrust it to another loved one... is... well... exactly what I wanted when I started this little business.

Thank you Maggie for the referral and thank you Jamie for your trust and allowing us to share such a special moment with you.  

Jamie & Seth Wedding Flowers.jpg
Jamie & Seth Bridal Party FLowers.jpg
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Jamie & Seth Wedding Table.jpg
Jamie & Seth Wedding Photos.jpg
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