I couldn't be more excited about some new personal projects I have set out for the coming year.  Small ones but ones that will add a lot more creativity and excitement for me and get those creative juices flowing! The first one, SKETCHING! Yes! One of my favorite pass times that I have neglected for way to long.  It can truly be so meditative and relaxing it is shocking I have not sought it out more often.  Here's a little something I worked on yesterday, on the first day of this fun adventure.

Flower Sketch

The other fun project, is photography.  After purchasing a fancy camera this summer and setting it aside without any further attention or courses to help practice.  I finally decided it was time to learn and fully enjoy the amazing creative outlet.  I guess this is what happens when you can actually take some time off to yourself!  I couldn't be more excited to get these two fun projects going.  What are your fun projects for 2015?