There are so many new trends in the floral industry that sometimes it can be hard to keep up with it all.  And we sure don't expect you, the consumer, to even try.  But let me mention one concept that I have been seeing more of lately and can totally see you trying it.


I am clearly intrenched in the floral community, so some of you might be thinking I am crazy.  But let me tell you.. dried/preserved flowers and greens are making a come back.  As some of you might know these were so big in the 80's and to be quite frank, they were big way before recorded history.  I doubt there was ever a young child who wasn't gifted a flower that didn't try to preserve it in some way or other... right? 

Who didn't dry that first rose their first crush gave them?  And hung that sweet flower somewhere to cherish for as long as possible.  I still have the first rose my fiance gave me. (And if I am real, that might have been the last rose, so this girl had to hold on to it as long as possible.) 

Here is a shot of a recent editorial we worked on to show case how to use dried product in your bouquet.  This one you will see that only has one variety, because I couldn't help myself.  This dried fern was just too amazing to not give it it's own moment.



1) Your bouquet, as shown bellow.  You can create such a fun bouquet with tons of impact with just one variety of dried product.

2) Hints of it through out your centerpieces.  We still love our very timeless garden roses, ranunculus but adding that pop of trendy dried product adds so much interest.


All photography above by Simon Ly Photography