So it finally happened.... let me start by saying that we have a raised roof Transit Ford Van.  It's essentially a sprinter van but much taller. As we really wanted our team to be able to stand up when walking into the van.  I have had too many sore back moments trying to load in a regular roofed van that this was a huge requirement for us when making the new purchase.  

I am confident you can guess what happened. We finally hit the roof of the van into a ceiling of a parking garage. Total bummer and of course I would have rather it not happen, but this is what I learned.

Forgive and Move On

If I am completely real, it could have happened to me and eventually it would have.  The grace I would have given myself, I have to give even more to my employees.  Balancing frustration with love of my employees is one of the more challenging elements to this business life.  

But at the end of the day, I love watching them learn.  Today they know more than they knew yesterday and I am confident they learned so much from that experience.  And fingers crossed it won't happen again.  

The adventures of business ownership is not easy, but having the right team in place to make you learn and laugh is the key to success.  And besides, they gave me the best reason to go and grab a margarita at the end of the day! 

For the arrangement above we were inspired by fall colors.  We also wanted to mix tones with colors and textures that are not expected and typically seen.  These rich colors are perfect for the upcoming fall events.  We paired it up with a black urn which always kicks up the drama.  I think this might have been one of the studio's favorites this week.