After taking a quick vacation, I finally feel caught up enough to be able to share a little bit about what we have learned in the last couple weeks.

We were approached by an event planner who mentioned their client was looking to make a switch to a new floral designer.  One month before their wedding.  No big deal, we have put together weddings/events in less than a week.  We felt comfortable we could make it happen and now off to meet with the client.  But wait, they just fired their last flower designer! Eek!!! 

The meeting went great, we were booked.  Awesome news, happy dance and all the good stuff. 

What we learned was that everyone has the perfect fit, for them. 

We are not the perfect fit for some, and in turn other designers turn out to not be the perfect fit for our clients.  

What I learned is that we have to speak up.  The moment that our gut tells us it is not a fit... walk away.  Communicate to said vendor and move on.  As a business owner it stings to hear that we are not the person that will make your vision come to reality, but even worse is that we never had a chance to allow the client to move forward with another vendor.

We had a recent potential client send an email the day after our consultation to tell us to not create a proposal... she knew we were not the right fit.  This was hands down the most extreme version and not going to lie, maybe the one that hurt the most.  After licking my wounds I felt proud of said bride, that she knew she fell in love with another vendor and that she didn't waste my time.  I felt honored and appreciated and only wish other would be so respectful.

Her ability to communicate so directly opened the door to another client that was the perfect fit for us.  I am more grateful to her now that I would have ever been at the beginning of this business as I now value other opinions and time so much more.  

Ever want a white wedding but need a little splash of fall tones?  We worked on this piece with Jennifer (Keely Thorne Events) for one of our fall clients.  Bride was wanting an all white wedding with touches of fall, and I think we nailed it! Thanks Jennifer for bringing us an amazing client and always working with us to make it exactly what they want.  


Curious about what blooms we used?

  • Ranunculus
  • Garden Roses
  • Standard Roses
  • Spray Roses
  • Garden Spray Roses
  • Anemones
  • Bush Ivy
  • Jasmine Vine
  • Lisianthus
  • Eucalyptus
  • Berries (two different varieties)