We are floral design artist.  We love and are insanely passionate about everything flowers, floristry, wedding flowers, event flowers, flower gardening, flower farmers, etc.   You name it flowers and we have spent time loving it one way or another. 

Containers, well.... still a love affair. But not an obsession. We are always on the look out for new, clean, classic, unique, timeless pieces. And for this reason we have to love it.  It takes time, lots of time researching every vessel we have.  I actually really enjoy the process.

...selecting the correct vessels that will not outshine

the flowers is the number one goal.


And a process it is.  You find a store, or artist that you love and you begin the research.  From a store you have to put in an order to make sure it delivers well, in time and it is what it says it's going to be when it arrives.  This is more like a sample order. One off items of each vessel you love and then the waiting begins.  The item arrives and fingers crossed the company enjoys wrapping their precious pieces in an nauseating amount of paper.

Then we put then to use, does it hold water, not mind our floral tape we have to use and does it allow us to design and create the shapes we enjoy.  Bing it works... awesome let's order lots more.  If it doesn't, small pity party and move on to the next company that will take a small order and start from the beginning.  This process takes so much patience and all the part of the curating process.

Now we haven't event tapped into the artist that creates handmade containers, which we also source from.  This might be the most rewarding and the most difficult.  I won't dive into it too much... but it's similar to the stores but now we are dealing with the artistic element.  So much fun and risky all at the same time. Some artist are local others are from out of the country adding an element of cost for shipping too.  

But all this to say is that we do not sell containers, we sell flowers. Even though we put so much thought into everything we acquire we are still solely focused on making the flowers the prettiest they possibly can be.  And we are super aware that selecting the correct vessels that will not outshine the flowers is the number one goal.