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fall colors: adding unexpected tones to your palette

Exploring color is one of the elements of design that we love the most. As much as I have love for neutrals, exploring with new color palettes that are unexpected is very rewarding.

Fall has a tendency to bring all the oranges and yellows out, but adding to those tones is where the magic happens. When we look at nature, Fall leaves have an insane amount of colors that we tend to overlook. With this particular arrangement we tried to add those tones that can be forgotten.

The soft peaches, rusts, and sages add the perfect hues to soften those harsher yellow tones. We also added textures with those colors that keep it interesting and fun. I played with the idea of designing with these colors in a manner that helps move your eye through out the arrangement. I wanted to see if grouping colors will create what is seen in Fall forests. That you see a grouping of all orange trees, then a grouping of red trees all in one glance. It seems like nature is the leader of design.


We used the following blooms to make this arrangement come together:

1) Fall Eucalyptus

2) Ranunculus

3) Field Grown Garden Roses

4) Lisianthus

5) Butterfly Ranunculus

6) Foraged Privett Berries

7) Jasmine

8) Roses

9) Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

I used this clear urn to keep that element simple. As the colors were going to be on the more fussy side I wanted to see what this one would like if we kept the urn less distracting and keeping the focal point on the flowers. This urn is one of my favorites, it is timeless, simple, clean and brings an element of an old world feel that we always love.

Design, Styling and Photography by: Maxit Flower Design

dear creative, you will be copied

creatives being copied flower arrangement anemones greenery

This is a regular conversation in all artist communities and something that happens to EVERYONE. Original ideas are like our children, we work on them for months, have sleepless nights before we finally have to put them out to the world, and anxiously watch it as it grows.

This last couple months, this has happened to us more than once, and you know what.. it feels exactly like everyone said it would.  But I will live with the idea that I would rather produce work that is good enough to be copied than not. I will take a deep breath and release that negative energy that so desperately wants to come in. And I will live in the moment to rejoice that people are watching, observing and want to copy.

So bring it world, copy away.  You have raised the bar, you have demanded more creativity and we will meet your expectations. My defense, more creativity... 


Compote arrangement creatives being copied concrete container

the view from my seat!!!

You guys everything is coming together and we couldn't be more excited.  Are you as curious as I am about people's day to day?  What does their office look like, what cool computer do they use, items on their desk, etc. ?  Well I am, I always want to know what people are up to, but from afar. :-) And of course that is why social media is so popular, because it quenches our thirst of endless curiosity.  And for the people who know me, I am curious to a fault.

For those of you guys that are exactly like me, here is a shot of my desk.  It's a little staged with the new Silk & Willow ribbon we go it for next week's wedding, but it is exactly what it looks like every day. I have my camera sitting right next to me and fresh flowers at my desk.  After all, I got in the industry of flower designing because I LOVE fresh flowers.  And you might wonder, is it always roses?  YES!!! The more scented the better. 

I placed my desk so I can always face the outside.  If it's sunny, I never turn the lights on.  If as storm is rolling in, I've got a front row seat.  Life is good. 

From where I sit