Learning from other business owners is one of the most important things I do. I am naturally an inquisitive person, so asking questions about everything under the sky is in my blood (Go to Botanical Brouhaha to learn more about my podcast and all the questions I ask) .  But trying to not get wrapped up in the natural desire to know all the gossip and focus on what matters can be a little difficult at times.  We all want to know the gossip, but what stays with me is the pieces of information that help me grow.  And there never has been a piece of gossip that has made me grow.

Reading books like from Good to Great and listening to podcast like How I built This has taught me so many nuggets about business.  Here are a several that have been solidified this summer after some experiences, listening, readings and asking questions.  Writing these down will help me digest them, and remember them in the future.

1) Surround Yourself With the RIGHT People


Having the right amount of business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders in my life has taken years to acquire and to be honest I am always looking for more. You can never have enough of those kind of people who motivate you, inspire you and correct you when you are wrong.  See the mistakes you are making and help correct them. 

2) Hire Slowly Fire Quickly

This one is tough as being a woman we are natural people pleasers. After eight years of running this business on my own, integrating people to come help me build this has been one the most difficult elements.   As many previous employees have witnessed I wasn't always the best manager.  People are the most difficult element of the business but have also found out, the most rewarding. 

3) Train Well and Give Trust

Once we train our employees through many years of trail and error, we hand over the torch.  I am forgiving of mistakes and make sure everyone is aware that I make them too.  We can all learn from each other and see where we can all grow. But giving them all the opportunity to take ownership of their work has been the most rewarding part of this all.


Above images are of an arrangement made by our Jr. Designer, Maxine Hu.  She's been an instrumental part in making this year a successful one!